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Design & Hosting

Having a team of designers ready for you we offer a wide range of web based products including hosting, site design, hosting, application design, IMS systems , HR management systems, web based staff books. Whatever your need we can cover. Having covered market research in this area for the last 12 months we have seen that there is an increasing need for this product. So having looked at costs and payment options we believe that we are able to offer theses products at some of the cheapest prices found in the area.  


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Domains Hosting Design Applications Systems Pricing Preview

Domain Names

Looking for a domain name to suit your business?
Send us what you require and using multiple search platforms we wil try to find it. Please be aware that some may already be owned but the prefix may be changed. 
We deal with multiple sites to get the best price continualy on each renewal so that costs dont grow out of control.
Prices starting from £1.00 name and prefix dependant. 
Start your search with us now. 

Domain Search

Web Hosting

Now you have the domain name you will now need somwhere to store your site that is quick and safe for all users. We have our own server that is fully secure and multiple additions to enhance this for you. So hosting comes in packages and dependant on your size and content of your site this will change. Basic hosting starting price is £29.99...........FIND OUT MORE

Purchase Purchase Purchase Purchase

ATC Entry

ATC Inter

ATC Business

ATC Ultimate

*Re-seller agrements also available please contact


Web Design

Now its time to create. This can be the point where your site can get expensive. HOWEVER we have looked at multiple options and we believe that the best options for our clients are by the standard page or by the package. Please see below some options to help you. None of these cover hosting or domain so we will require this information. 

Basic +1 Extras

1 Page
All Links

Add Page


See List Below
Contact Us
Rates Vary


App Design

Mobile App deign,  build and Publish packages range in various policies to suit  your Business needs and budget. We have a unique system that allows us to build your APP using our Platform for Android and IOS, in either Weblink format or Google Play store and Apple Store.
Your APP will be designed and Built to a high standard  using the latest technolgy so it performs for you The Business!.. We can incorporate Analytics within your App to complement your Website and Business
Starting from as little as £69.99 as a Weblink 0r £95.99 Published on either Google Play or Apple Store..... FIND OUT MORE



With many different Options Including:
IMS (Internal Management System)
LMS (Learner Managemnet System)
CMS (Customer Management System) 
HRM (Human Relations Mangement)
CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
All of these are available to design for you and all have advanced services and will promote and support your business and push you forward..........FIND OUT MORE


Pricing For You

Take a look at our pay monthly or one of options based arounds your needs we will put you on the right deal.

Pricing £75
£19.99 £59.99 £89.99  £179.99
Domain Name 
SSL Cert First Year 2 Years 3Years Lifetime Lifetime
SEO Optimisation Basic Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Advanced
Social Links Yes Yes Yes Level 2
Yes plus full Interaction
E-Mail 1
3 5 10 Unlimited
Databases - 1 5 10 Unlimited
Plesk Control Panel
Sub Domains 3 5 10 Unlimited
Responsive Content  
Pages 1 1-3 4-6 7-10 Unlimited
Buy Buy Buy Buy Buy


  • Hosting Packages
  • Re-Seller Accounts 
  • E-Commerce 
  • Front & Back Login
  • Social Media Interaction 
  • Online Security 
  • Logo Design  and Graphics
  • Server Automatic Backup
  • Watermarking
  • Additional Pages
  • Additional Email Addresses
  • LMS/IMS Plugin
  • Staff and HR plugins
  • Built in Web designer with plesk
  • Mysql server access
  • Monthly Consultancy meeting
  • Word Press

Info to Consider

 Please be aware all of the above can be charged
 different based on the amount of work that is needed to 
complete. So prices above are base rates only. So all are subject
 to an estimate and a signed agreement of content when design
 approved. We also guarnetee a contact page to be installed within the first 24hrs of agreement date that will remain untill site approval has been granted by you the customer to launch full site. Form this point as a customer you will then start agreed monthy charge for maintenance or alteration charge where applicable. Hospitality Harbour hold the rights to withdraw site and apps from the domain if payment agreement is breached. The design of the site remains the property of Hospitality Harbour however the domain is owned by the customer and may be subject to a charge if transfer needed. The domain will also be transfered to the property of Hospitality Harbour if payment renewal is breached.
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