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Design & Marketing

Our team are waiting to take on your design needs. From Stationary to A0 posters we cover it all. All set around a basic design fee we cover varied product design. See our full list for details. Our logo design option is great for all of you companies out there just starting out. We no at Hospitality Harbour that most of you don't have the time to put a full marketing strategy together so let us take the work out of it for you. Offering a full to budget marketing plans. Let us no your aim and clientele and let us do the rest. Do you already run marketing but don't no how successful it is then let us no and we will save you money to put in to a plan that works.   

Services Photographer Pricing Marketing RE-Print 

What We Do 

We cover all forms of design and marketing to suit all your needs. Also we set marketing plans which include full design and print of multiple products. Including a mailing schedule and a full workable marketing plan. 
We believe the best way forward is targeting your market and ensuring when doing so you remain consistant throughout your full range of advertisemnet levels. 
Our design and marketing plan comes in 3 levels to cover all needs. 
Take a look and see what we can do you you. 

Services - Design & Print 

Our design team make you ideas come true. Just let us no colours, style and what it is you are wanting to achieve and leave the rest to us. All designs come with an initial design cost but then can be transfered to any format for printing and all you have to pay is the print. Any adjustments are made at a minor cost but all will be stored and saved in your own personal file and be availabel to use whenever you need them. No work will be printed untill a full proofing is achieved. Billing is done up on proof approval. We cover all of the following services.

  • Logo Design - Your business logo to make you stand out from the crowd.
  • Business Paperwork - Memos, Invoices, Duplicate books, Staff Handbooks, Workbooks, etc
  • Letter Heads - Custom made per staff requirement with full signiture
  • Business Cards - Varied shapes and paper quality, also include hard back cards
  • Flyers - A5 & A6 flyers, Bi & Tri Fold flyers. A great way for bulk adverts
  • Posters - All size of posters from A4 upwards to A0 (Clip Frames also available)
  • Box Posters - Empty belly posters for you to fill your own information
  • Banners - Various size banner to suit your needs in multiple waterproof shapes.
  • Canvas's - Various size canvas prints
  • Training Material - Bespoke training material put together including course design and electronic material design.
  • Tickets & Invites - Bespoke design of all forms of invites and varied size tickets available.
Sandy Stanton
  • Merchandise & Clothing - Tell us what you require and we will source the material and produce with your print. Team shirts and personalised shirts also available.
  • Menu & Table Prints - To promote everything you do we do full table set ups and now cover full menu creation and design. From creating and training the menu to producing and supporting it.
  • Electronic Adverts - Get all of your adverts all posted on any electronic device in your venue on rotation.
  • Watermarking - Do you have images and pics you dont want others to use then we offer this service to taint the picture so no one can.
  • Picture Image Transfer - We take your pictures and transfer them on to an electronic device meaning you have the originals to keep and treasure for the future. This also covers a binding serv ice to bind your pictures in to one  or multiple albums. 


Due to Quantity of service please contact us and explain your requirements.

Design Price Print & Post
Logo Design From £30 Digital Free
Business Paperwork From £5 From £5
Letter Heads From £2.50 From £2.50 
Business Cards From £20 From £25
Flyers From £20 From £30
Posters From £20 From £30
Box Posters From £20 From £30
Banners From £25 From £50
Canvas From £10 From £20
Training Material From £25 From £5
Tickets & Invites From £20 From £20
Merchandise & Team Wear From £15 From £30
Menu & Table Prints From £20 From £20
Electronic Adverts From £15 Digital Free
Watermarking From £5 Digital Free
Picture Image Transfer From £5 Digital Free

Pricing Guide

Please see price guide which includes the initial charge for the design set up. Then the price of the item including postage. All designs once completed are property of Hospitality Harbour and the client. We are free to use for advertisment purpose but only go to print for the client. All designs will be saved to our secure server for access via your customer portal or through us. Once a purchase has been made we wil send you your details for you Portal login and all your re-prints can be ordered through there.

Fair Warning
Simpe effective in our colours. These guys 
produced what we needed and fast .
Creative and at a great price , I order regular as they are very reliable.
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Marketing Plans

Take a look at our marketing plans and see what suits you. These packages are put together with you in mind and to make people your potential customers. Let us do the hard work. 
Plan for the future.
*Or why not go Monthly where this includes set out monthly plans accross targeted areas including social media. Please refer to media packages alone for further info.


Basic Branding Package
- Logo Enhancement
- Business Docs Basic
- Social Media Banner 
- Custom Email & Signature
- Business Cards x100
- Portal Secure Digital Copys



All Bronze & Silver Package Plus
- Digital Marketing Multi Image
- 5 Custom Email & Signature
- 2 Business Cards x200
- 1 Banner
- 8hrs Customer Focus        



All Bronze Package Plus
- 4 Size Digital Marketing 
- 3 Custom Email & Signature
- Business Cards x200
- Flyer Run x500
- Poster Run x10
- Customer Focus Plan


Go Monthly for £75pm

Go Monthly for £125pm

Go Monthly for £175pm

Marketing Services

We aim to collect together some of the industrys marketing services so that they are available for our plans and to support and help you in the industy. 


We have a select few photographers who work along side us to create images that suit your business and what you require for advertisement purposes. To book a photo shoot with us please enquire below. Prices will vary based on time at the venue and pics required.
Prices Start from £20