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2021 Counter

Allocation Money: £120.00 Donation Counter: 2530 Items Raised Money: £0.00

Our charity section covers multiple charities and you are able to take part, advertise or donate to the charity’s mini pages. With lots of events and activities or maybe you want to run your own event. Link it with us. Raising money and promoting events.
Nothing in this world is free and even though we work hard to achieve our goals some of us are not so luck. At Hospitality Harbour we pick charitys that help people less fortunate or people who have suffered in there own way. Trying to bring positivity and hope back to those who need it 

Aim Suporting Our Plans Charitys
The Catcher

What we aim to do?

At Hospitality Harbour Ltd we aim to do as much as we can for charity. This is why all of the following services are free through us. 

- Advertise your charity event.
- Support and enter events. 
- Promote your charity.
- Discounts on all material needed through us.
- We help organise and create a event. 


In 2015 - £950 Raised
in 2016 - £1350 Raised
in 2017 - £2200 Raised
In 2018 - £3400 Raised
In 2019 - £3500 Raised
In 2020 - £740 Raised 

This Shows the will and determination to make a differance and that people still care no matter there own hardship. 
So we aim to get bigger and stronger with raising money in 2021. With your help and our support on your events let us try and make a change.


Our Plans - Insight

Have a look and see what we are planning and how you can support. Charitys will be allocated 6 months prior to event and all participants will be issued with merchandise and sponsor forms for the event. 

Calling all musical artists.

In 2021 we are looking to put a talent of Stafford event on with a concert and a CD creation. So all music artists contact us to be part. Funding will come from sponsorship and ticket sales.

More Information Recording Studio
Our Plans


Are your a charity? If so let us no and we will add you to our charity list. Enabling our customers to see you and send there support or have easy access to contact you. 
All charity's will recieve a logo and contact link to there web site, plus the address of there local branch and a brief description of the charity type. Plus a mini page we have created which will list what people are supporting them through us and ways to donate and support. Plus how to start raising money for that charity.
Become part of our list and send us an email stating who you are and your charity numer and a point of contact for us for when a customer sends a request though us. We will look in to it and start the design straight away. EASY AS THAT.

We are here to support.  

Click on Picture to access there mini page  or web link to go to there site or the Enquiry for us to act on your behalf.

Sunny Days

Sunny Days Childrens fund - Sunny Days Children's Fund is a national registered charity which raises funds to help children under the age of 18 years with a wide range of adverse medical conditions including Leukaemia, Cerebral Palsy, the Deaf and Blind, Terminal Illnesses, and all other life hindering conditions. - Charity Num -1114784 - Sunny Days Children's Fund (