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Social Media 
Design & Management

With social media now being at the forefront of all business marketing are you making the most out of it. Or are you targeting a platform that doesn't hit your age demographic for your needs. This is where we come in with ongoing data on multiple social media sites we no how to get the best out of your profile. We offer design packages for you to use or complete platform start up and management. Let us guide you in to where you will get the most effective marketing.  

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Face Social

 Social media is at the forfront of business stratergys. Accompanying  your website this is your online footprint  and you have the opportunity to attract new and inform old customers of your business. However getting to grips with this ever growing platforms is time consumming. Also do you no the key market or the age brackets for varied network platforms. Hospitality Harbour do and can manage your accounts for you.

We create a social plan that includes content writing, designand engagement to incorrage traffic. 
We ensure we  understand your goals and your long term and short term goals and plans. 
We always aim to  intergrate a social plan to compliment other channels of communication and keep to branding tgo enhance you and your service.
We work closely with you to understand how you engage with your customers and online audience so you feel confident we’re communicating how you would.

What We Do

Social Media Facts for the UK

     - In general internet penertrationin the uk stands at 95%of the population, which is a high number considering this accounts for all age groups.
     - There are almost 3.5 Billion global active social media users
     - In the UK, There are more than 45 Million active social media users.
     - This rate of 45 million social media users means approximatly 67% of the population of the UK, Is using social media.
     - 39 Million people in the UK are using social media on a mobile device.
     - The average socail media user in the UK will spend close to 1hour and 50 minutes a day on networks.



We offer multiple packages for social media but believe that there is 3 levels of business that require this service. To see a solid impact on your business then we believe that a 3 month minimum plan is best to be able to focus marketing and see that the action plan is having an impact. Please look at the starting levels and let us start you on the road to utalising social media to its best


Level 1- Entry 

This is for those of you who dislike or have never used social media but are aware of the benifits that come from it.

From £50 


Level 2 - Personal 

This is for those of you that are on social media personaly but dont no how the business side of networking can work for you.

From £75


Level 3 - Enhancement

This is for those of you that have all forms of social media but dont have the time to put it to its full use. 

From £100


Take a look to see what package suits you and what social platform could best help you. For more help contact us and we would be happy to go through the varried platforms with you to customise your socail needs.

Entry  Personal Enhancement
Price per Month £50 £75 £100
Platforms 3 5 7
Posts 12 15 21
Stories 1 Focus 2 Focus
Adverts 1 Focus 2 Focus
Buy Buy Buy

Custom Packages

Customize your own package and let us quote you for what you want to help you. 

The Social Platforms we cover: 
-Facebook  -Twitter -Instergram -Tik Tok -Snapchat
-Whatsapp -Yell -Google+ -You Tube -Linked -Pintrest
-Discord -Wechat -Reddit -Whatpub -Trip Advisor
-CAMRA -Match Pint - Just Giving


Plus many more. Our team are always looking for new advertisement options and services.

Questions we need Answers to?
- Do you need to be set up?
- Which Platforms?
- How many posts do you require a week?
- How many stories?
- How many Blogs?
- How many adverts?
- Do you require interaction posts? 


How about you want your own social media platform. We can design them along with the mobile and tablet applications to go alongside. Tell us what you require and we will arrange a meeting to discuss. 
We also cover the following :
Multi device Applications
IMS (Internal Management Systems)
LMS (Learner Management Systems)
CMS (Customer Management Systems)
HRM (Human Resources Management)
CRM (Customer Relations Management)

Fully interactive multi media platform

Prices From £95.99

Social Media Creation

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