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In a growing world of Entertainment we would like to offer a link to venues, Entertainers and Fans. With this being the perfect place to showcase your venue with our mini pages you can direct customers to check out all the details to what you are running. So as a venue all diary links in to the event type and varied posters etc will be available. Plus links to the entertainers. As and entertainer its hard to showcase what you do. This is the perfect place with sound links, gallary's, testimonials and downloadable posters. This is your mini page to promote yourself. As a fan check out all of the entertainment in your area & no where your favourites are playing. 

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The Venue

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Take a look at the venues and see what they have to offer and what they have going on. Venues pay a small fee to be registered on here and set themselves out from others and this is a great way for you the customer to follow all what they have going on and link in to there social media and share more than just what they are posting. We all no not everyone is looking for the same thing and this is where our mini pages comes in.  All interlinked throughout Hospitality Harbour and our various advert platforms. All services we offer will come at a members cost based on the range of membership and subject to our T&C's so some good deals to be had. 

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Features Listing Bron Silv Gold Plat
Set Up  £10pa £25 £40 £60 £100
Pricing £10pm £25pm £40pm £60pm
Offers  1 3 5 Unl
Diary 1Week 2Week 1Month Unl
Menu's 1 2 3 Unl
Posters 1 2 3 Unl
Gallery 3 5 8 Unl
Testemonials 3 5 8 Unl
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Access to All HH
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- Sign up before June to get 6 months free. Only set up fee to pay. 
- Recommend another venue and start building up your discount. £5 off per approved recommendation.

The Entertainer

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As an entertainer we are aware it is a great to be able to offer a place for all of your fans and venues to see what you do and this is not always possible and can cost alot of money. Our aim is to be able to allow socail networking through this with the venues and your fans. 
We are currently working on a new area called fan zone and this will allow your fans to really get to no there favorite artists.  
If you would like your own page set up fee of £10 then see monthly charge and offers for details.


Matt Bowen.Platinum

Mixed Acoustic & Loop Artist
Covers of all Genres
Warwickshire Based


Sandy Stanton.Silver

Alternative Sounds
Mix of Covers & Own Material
Staffordshire Based


Ash Cooper.Bronze

Modern Rock - Country 
Mix of Covers & Own Material
Staffordshire Based

Features Bron Silv Gold Plat
Set Up Cost  £10 £20 £35 £50
Pricing  £2 pm £5 £8pm £10 pm
Pictures 3 5 7 Unl
Sound Clip 1 3 5 Unl
Testemonial 2 5 7 Unl
Posters 1 3 5 Unl
Direct Contact
Access to HH Site 
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- Sign up before June to get 6 months free. Only set up fee to pay. 
- Recommend another entertainer and start building up your discount. £5 off per approved recommendation 

Other Entertainment

We are also aware that in this trade there are lots of varied entertainment and we would like to help you with these fun nights and even host them for you. You tell us what you require and we will source it for you. Anything from a quiz or racenight to an in house KO tournement. Or maybe even a trip involving all your loyal customers. This is what we do.