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Style Your Gift

Gift Wrapped Cheese & Drink


We create the cake for you whatever you require we will work with our team to deliver it. From basic large cake decorated to your theme or event, to small individual cakes for serving per person. Covering cakes, biscuits, muffins etc  

Baby Showers / Christning Gift

Baby Shower

Babyshower is an American concept but is becoming more popular in the UK and gifts are common such as nappie cakes and gift hampers for the mother. We put these together to suit all sizes and they make for a great centre point and talking point. We also cover gifts for all for christnings to make a​ really memorable day..........TO THE SHOP

Birthday / Anniversary / Wedding Gift


Birthday gifts and Anniversary gifts can be hard to keep a suprise. This is where we can help we will create to your spec and make sure the gift is the very best suprise. If its a party we also do favors for all occasions for your special day..........TO THE SHOP

For bespoke gifts all we need is to no who it is for and what they like and we
can do the rest. As large as a hamper or as small as a jewellry box we can make the perfect gift. With a large customer base we have the means to get good prices to put your ideal gift together
..........TO THE SHOP

Bespoke Gift

Gift Basket